Sports central

The birthplace of hundreds of professional athletes, Olympians and championship winning teams over the city's history, Thunder Bay truly is Sports Central

Championship events

The city hosts many championship events each year and has a very successful event hosting history. With venues able to host sporting events and tournaments of all kinds; hockey, baseball, curling, golf, basketball, bowling, you name it... Thunder Bay is ready to host your next event or tournament too!

Accommodation and banquet facilities

Accommodation options are available in any style you choose and there are dozens of banquet facilities and unique venues for celebrations and awards dinners and as Canada's Premier Outdoor City and the Gateway to Northwest Ontario, Thunder Bay also offers competitors, spectators and their families and friends the chance to have a memorable experience off the ice and away from the field!

After the game

Whether they experience the eclectic art scene, dine at award-winning restaurants, relax and play in one of our many parks and green spaces, set sail on Lake Superior, hike to one of the highest points in Ontario or just enjoy the unparalleled, scenic views, everyone involved in your event will love their time in Thunder Bay.

Contact Tourism Thunder Bay for assistance with preparing bids and hosting tournaments and championship events in Thunder Bay.

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