With 11 courses in the Thunder Bay area, our impressive variety and world-class quality courses attract enthusiasts from around the globe. Lush fairways, rich challenging greens and captivating wildlife viewing opportunities are par for the course!

Disc Golf

Test your arm and enjoy some disc golf. Discs are available for purchase at The Loop Clothing Boutique.

There are two 18-hole disc golf courses in the city: Dragon Hills Golf Course and Birch Point Park at Boulevard Lake. Another course can be found at the Bayview Golf Course in nearby Pass Lake.

Foot Golf

What happens if you combine soccer and golf? You get foot golf! Available at Chapples Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the cups are 21 inches in diameter and marked with an orange flag stick. Tee boxes provide a starting point and off you go in a similar format to golf. It’s all about putting the ball in the hole with the fewest amount of strokes.

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