Visit the Ontario Government’s Cannabis info page and the Ontario Cannabis Store for more detailed information on legal requirements and retail sales.

Who can buy cannabis?

 Adults aged 19 and older are legally permitted to purchase, possess and consume cannabis in Ontario. Visitors included. You will need government-issued photo ID as proof of age.

Where can you buy cannabis legally?

Please visit our Business Directory Listing for a listing.

 How can a tourist buy online?

 The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) will deliver to any valid Ontario address. This includes hotels. An adult, 19 or over must receive the package. OCS estimates delivery time to be 1-3 days to most addresses. Visitors will be able to order from home before their trip and have their order delivered to their Ontario address. For example, a visitor could order from home a few days before their arrival and receive their OCS delivery at their hotel in Thunder Bay.

Note: if you order to your hotel and are not onsite when the delivery arrives, the mail carrier will leave a slip with the front desk which you can take to the nearest post office to collect your package. Some hotels may accept the package on your behalf if you are a registered guest, ask the policy at the front desk.

In public, it is prohibited to possess more than 30 grams of dried cannabis, as such you are limited to a maximum of 30g per order.

 Can I bring cannabis back home with me after my visit?

 Travelling within Canada in possession of cannabis is permitted providing you are in compliance with other applicable regulations (max 30g etc) but if you are considering bringing cannabis back to the U.S. or any other country the answer is NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! DO NOT DO THIS! It is not worth the risk.

Cannabis remains illegal in most countries – despite being legal in many states, cannabis remains federally illegal in the U.S. and a drug smuggling conviction will ruin your life.

Just leave it behind and start planning your next visit.

 Can I bring my own cannabis into Ontario from the U.S.?

 NO! The only cannabis that is allowed in Ontario is cannabis that has been legally procured through permitted sources. Taking cannabis across the border (in either direction) remains illegal.

 Where can I use cannabis?

 The rules are largely the same as the rules for cigarette smoking established in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

 Visitors CAN smoke/vape cannabis in:

  • Private residences, including the outdoor space of a home
  • Outdoor public places (e.g. parks, sidewalks)
  • Select guest rooms in hotels, motels, and inns – ask your hotel where cannabis is permitted on site
  • Parked or anchored residential vehicles and boats (with permanent sleeping space and cooking facilities) – note parked or anchored – impaired driving is a serious offence – make arrangements for a sober driver 

 Visitors CANNOT smoke/vape cannabis:

  • In indoor common areas in condos, apartments, and post-secondary residences
  • In enclosed public places
  • Within 20m (65ft) of schools, school grounds, and playgrounds, or where home child care is provided (even if there are no children there at the time)
  • Within 9m (30ft) of entrances/exits of hospitals, psychiatric facilities, long-term care homes, and other health facilities
  • On outdoor grounds of hospitals and psychiatric facilities
  • In or within 20m of publicly owned sports fields or spectator areas
  • In a vehicle or boat that is being driven, or that may be put in motion
  • In or on other outdoor areas such as restaurant patios, or within 9m (30ft) of such space, outdoor grounds of provincial government buildings, on or within 20m (65ft) of community rec centres, and outdoor shelters with a roof and more than two walls where the public or employees go often (e.g. bus shelter)

 Can I drive after consuming cannabis?

 NO! It is illegal to use cannabis and drive. Like other drugs, including alcohol, cannabis alters your reaction time and increases your chances of being in a collision. Impaired driving is a serious offence.

If you are found to be impaired, you will face the following:

  • Immediate suspension of your licence
  • Financial penalties (fines)
  • Possible impounding of vehicle
  • Potential criminal record
  • Potential jail time

Police are authorized to use roadside oral fluid screening devices.   


Call a taxi or use a ride-sharing service.

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