Exploring Northwestern Ontario in canoes and on snowshoes is wonderful, but sometimes you just need a little more power!

In the summer months, it’s boating, motorcycle touring and ATVs; in the winter, snowmobiling and ice racing. Rev your engine and explore the 150,000 lakes and rivers across the 500,000 square kilometres of rugged Canadian wilderness that surround Thunder Bay.

Home to numerous power sports equipment dealers, you will find all the gear you need in Thunder Bay. Check out our listing of businesses that specialize in RVs, motorcycle, boats and more.


In the summer months, it's boating, motorcycle touring and ATVs. With 150,000 waterways and 500,000 square kilometres of rugged, Canadian wilderness - the Northwest region is something every power sports lover should experience, and Thunder Bay is your gateway to it all.


The local chapter of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) maintains a network of snowmobile trails in the area.

Ice racing

Ice racing is a popular winter activity in Thunder Bay. Races happen in cars or on motorcycles that are specially outfitted for traction on the ice, and the track is a ploughed oval on a frozen lake!

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