A city in the wild

Here in Thunder Bay, we’re avid outdoorsy types with a passion for getting back to nature every chance we get. Is it any wonder when majestic rolling mountains, magnificent boreal forests and Lake Superior – the world’s largest freshwater lake – are a mere stone’s throw away?

Thunder Bay is naturally home to epic outdoor adventures. In and around the city, there are hundreds of parks and conservation areas ready for you to explore. Find mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, angling and sailing opportunities within in walking distance (or with transit access) from downtown.

Accessible recreation trails weave throughout the city. Ride a bike or enjoy a stroll along these paved off-road trails and just minutes down the highway you'll find spectacular natural wonders and scenic views.

Gateway to 150,000 lakes, rivers and streams

Thunder Bay is the gateway to Northwest Ontario and over 500,000 square kilometres of rugged Canadian wilderness with 150,000 lakes, rivers and streams! Use Thunder Bay as the basecamp for your regional adventures. 

Day trippers can enjoy the modern comforts of a hotel while adventuring while the sun's out. Those looking to head out out farther can paddle endless rivers and experience iconic floatplane travel to remote lakes and lodges.

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