• Do you attend meetings and conferences?
  • Do you travel to a convention, annual meeting, professional development session, or other gatherings that are part of your industry?
  • Do you participate in a hobby or group that gets together?
  • Does your business, association, or industry hosts, meetings, national conferences, trade shows, reunions, or any other special event?
  • Are you involved on a board or a committee?
  • Do you volunteer or are you part of an association?

Bring it Here to Thunder Bay!

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Did you know that conventions, conferences, and meetings bolster Thunder Bay’s economy by bringing in new dollars? Even board meetings can have a big impact. Every meeting or event creates work in the service industry, brings guests to our hotels, visitors to restaurants, shops and attractions and supports our economy. The result of this new, non-local money injected into Thunder Bay’s economy is substantial.

With minimal time commitment, you can make a big difference by helping us bring your group’s meeting or event to Thunder Bay.

We help you navigate through the process of hosting a meeting or convention with a number of support services at your disposal.

As destination experts, here’s how the Tourism Thunder Bay can assist you:

  • Gather information on how your organization chooses its meeting and event locations and recommend the best facilities to suit your organization's needs.
  • Request and organize competing bids from local meeting venues and hotels.
  • Develop and deliver a winning presentation to your organization's site selection committee
  • Connect you with local attractions, entertainment and other services to help make your event memorable.
  • Suggest downtime activities for your guests and their families

Our assistance can also include local business referrals for audio-visual needs, speakers, transportation, maps, and visitor information to help with planning event programming and tours. Our people also provide assistance with ideas and materials to boost attendance prior to your event.

Events brought to Thunder Bay are eligible for a grant of up to 25% of the total event budget through this fund

Tourism Thunder Bay knows the importance events play in highlighting a community while contributing to its local economy. Tourism Thunder Bay is committed to supporting and facilitating event organizers with initiatives that attract visitors. Tourism Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) can provide financial assistance to events hosted in Thunder Bay through the CEDC MAT Event Fund.

The CEDC MAT Event Funding Program provides support to events that have the capacity to attract visitors to Thunder Bay. Sports, cultural and corporate events, meetings, conventions and festivals that show the tourism potential to draw visitors to the City of Thunder Bay are eligible for funding. 

Find more information about the CEDC MAT Event Funding Program.

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Convention and Visitor Services Coordinator

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