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Tbay's Great Burgers

Posted Thursday, November 02, 2023

By Bonnie Schiedel

Juicy, savoury, flavourful: Burgers are always a good idea.
We checked in with Thunder Bay photographer, videographer and burger aficionado Damien Gilbert for his picks for some can’t-miss burgers in the city.

That Canadian Burger
Toppings like smoked pork tenderloin, maple syrup and French-fried onions turn this smash patty into a Canadian treasure. “This is my favourite burger in the city,” says Gilbert. “I usually double-patty...

The Return of Cruise Ships to Thunder Bay

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023

Writer: Imbran Bagha

That exotic travel destination may not be so far away.

You no longer have to travel far to experience an ocean-style luxury cruise getaway. Whether Thunder Bay is the last stop or the first, you can fly directly via the Thunder Bay International Airport and into an opulent travel experience like no other.

The year 2022 marked the return of cruise trips in Thunder Bay, offered by luxury cruise fleet operators Viking and American Queen Voyages. The...

Fort William Historical Park: Fifty Years of Bringing Life to History

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023

By Michelle McChristie
In the late 1960s, an archeology professor at Lakehead University led a team of students who excavated the original site of Fort William in Thunder Bay’s East End. They found the foundations of the Great Hall, palisade posts, and other remnants. The excitement around their work reinvigorated community interest in the fort’s reconstruction and, in 1971, the Ontario government announced that reconstruction of the fort would begin later that year...

Unplug and Explore Day Trip Adventures from Thunder Bay

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Ontario lies Thunder Bay, a hidden gem surrounded by stunning landscapes and vast wilderness. With Lake Superior as a backdrop, Thunder Bay emerges as the perfect jump-off point for unforgettable adventures through some of Canada's most epic landscapes and provincial parks


During our visit last month, we set out to explore everything Thunder Bay had to offer. After visiting the city, we set off on a series of trips to uncover the treasures...

Thunder Bay has arrived, it’s time you visited!

Posted Thursday, October 26, 2023

Writer: Jim Bamboulis

It's a city often overlooked, even and especially amongst Ontarians. But Thunder Bay has, and continues to reinvent itself as a destination city for everything from outdoor adventures, and cultural immersion, to culinary experiences. Over the past few years, Lakehead has attracted visitors yearning for a change in travel routine, while expats have returned in droves, putting to practice their expertise learned abroad, eagerly and proudly ready to...

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