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Articles written about the area

Trekking the wild shores of Lake Superior in Pukaskwa National Park - Daniel Otis, Toronto Star (2017)

""Today might be the longest three kilometres of your life." [...] We're soon climbing to heights of exposed igneous bedrock, the Canadian Shield, forged nearly four billion years ago; the remnants of mountains now scarred by glaciers and sparkling with quartz intrusions, its surface a kaleidoscope of lichens." Read more

Why Lake Superior is the Country's Most Overlooked Playground - Stephanie Pearson, Outside Magazine (2017)

"Everything feels wilder here. The Sleeping Giant cliffs rise 1,200 feet straight out of the water on 32-mile-long Sibley Peninsula. To get a closer look, I hitch a ride with Gregory Héroux, owner of Sail Superior, on his 40-foot boat. [...] There's a cool breeze that causes the boat to heel, and the vastness of the lake makes me feel about the size of a water molecule." Read more

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Thunder Bay - Davindra Ramnarine, The Goat Roti Chronicles (2017)

"Finnish pancakes? In Thunder Bay? Yes and yes. I didn't know this but Thunder Bay has the highest concentration of Finnish Canadians per capita in the country, and the second largest Finnish population in Canada after Toronto." Read more

Travel Diary: Thunder Bay - Kait Labbate, Porter Re:view (2017)

"As new climbers, the rock walls at Silver Islet felt like giant cliffs to us, but with Aric as our guardian watching our every step, we felt at ease. We were infants on shaky feet until Aric's genuine enthusiasm gave us the mental boost needed and we began to challenge ourselves by reaching for smaller holds and trusting our bodies' strength." Read more

Dining in Thunder Bay: Where Sustainable Meets Delectable - Robert Lillegard, New York Times (2016)

"Along with dry-aged steaks, Uptown Cut specializes in wagyu, an intensely marbled beef that comes from certain cattle breeds native to Japan. The thin strips of meat were seared on each side, with a crisp exterior and a bright pink center. It was the best steak of my life: hauntingly tender and melting with fat..." Read more

Weekend Escape: Thunder Bay - Solmaz, The Curious Creature (2016)

"Nestled on the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake, Thunder Bay is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. The kind of destination that will have you ticking off your bucket list, adventure after adventure. From sailing and rock climbing to hiking and mountain biking - there's an endless variety of epic experiences that await at the Northwestern Ontario gem. The best part? It's only a two hour flight from Toronto making it the perfect weekend escape..." Read more

Thunder Bay: Ontario's Next Destination - Adam Waxman, Dine Magazine (2016)

"Where is local for Thunder Bay? A short drive from the Minnesota border, many Americans seem to already know what the rest of Ontario is just starting to figure out. Situated at the northern tip of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is surrounded by both rich farmland and the diverse rocky topography of the Canadian Shield. Five Provincial Parks and one Great Lake make this an oasis for outdoor activities and adventure...." Read more

Fat Biking: Biking in a Winter Wonderland is a Thing - Emily Heeb, Explore Magazine (2016)

"Typically, the first snowfall officially marks the moment we stash the bike away and wait out winter. However, in recent years a new biking trend has gained traction: the ostensibly, silly-looking fat tire bike. [...] While they look unwieldy and the sheer thought of trying to pedal through snow might seem exhausting, fat bikes actually provide a very forgiving ride. One city leading the charge? Thunder Bay, Ontario..." Read more

Discover Thunder Bay's Natural Wonders - Jim Byers, PostMedia (2016)

"You step out on a platform suspended high over a cliff and it's like the world is spread out at your feet. Hundreds of metres below, the clear, cold waters of Lake Superior lap at a rocky shore lined with lime-green trees. Off to the right you can see the purplish outline of Caribou Island. To the left you can spot Thunder Bay and the line of hills behind the north shore of the lake..." Read more

Superior by Nature - Marty Richardson, Lakeland Boating (2016)

"Framed by a supine giant and thundering headlands, Lake Superior's largest city is a contrast of modern amenities and historical gems. From gorgeous blue water to the Blues Festival; Finnish Pancakes to local pickerel; Aboriginal artwork to boreal forests; Thunder Bay embodies the spirit and culture of Northwest Ontario..." Read more

Thunder Bay: Home of the Sleeping Giant - The Hub Winnipeg (2016)

"The rugged cliffs of the Pre-Cambrian shield rise 305 metres above the cold and restless waters of Lake Superior. Waters steeped with mystery and folklore, yet so clear you can see 30 metres below the surface. Many legends surround Nanabijou, the unique formation of mesas and sills located on the Sibley Peninsula which resembles a sleeping giant. It is believed that Nanabijou watches over Thunder Bay..." Read more

Wabikimi Adventures - Ray Mears, Ray Mears Bushcraft (2015)

"As you fly into Thunder Bay you notice two things - the city's proximity to the waters of mighty Lake Superior, and the giant grain silos at the railhead; both speak of past industry. Like many Canadian cities, Thunder Bay grew out of the fur trade; at one time the largest fur trade post in the world, it was an essential staging post in the seasonal transfer of trade goods and fur pelts across the continent. [...] Today, Thunder Bay is a chic and desirable residence for young professionals, having reinvented itself as a knowledge hub and centre for education, home to the Lake Head (sic) University. The historic waterfront that once bustled with trade in goods is now an upmarket marina with stylish restaurants...." Read more

The Best of the Lake Superior Circle Tour - Dave & Deb, The Planet D (2014)

"(The) re-envisioned waterfront (is) filled with commissioned art from around the world. Thunder Bay is starting to boom and the amount of restaurants and cafés popping up proves it. There are condos being built and a new hotel going in at the Marina. Speaking of the marina, it's quite picturesque and you can take a sailing excursion out from downtown..." Read more

A Superior Experience in Thunder Bay - David Gonczol, Toronto Star (2010)

"Heading north to Thunder Bay on Highway 17 from Sault Ste. Marie on a cloudless blue sunrise is like a holiday drive on the Mediterranean coast. Lake Superior's light blue bays, gentle peninsulas and once-volcanic islands make it unlike any of the southern Great Lake coastlines..." Read more

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