The Community Economic Development Commission Municipal Accommodation Tax Fund (CEDC MAT Fund) consists of money collected annually by the City of Thunder Bay through the administration of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT).

The CEDC MAT Fund was established in 2019 by the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) to support tourism growth in the City of Thunder Bay. The fund created through the implementation of the Municipal Accommodation Tax directs funds for tourism marketing and product development opportunities managed by CEDC’s tourism division, Tourism Thunder Bay.

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Funding Streams

The CEDC MAT Fund has two streams:

The CEDC MAT Event Fund provides support to sports events, festivals, cultural and musical events, corporate events and other special events that demonstrate the capacity to attract a significant number of out-of-town visitors and overnight stays to Thunder Bay.

The CEDC MAT Product Development Fund provides support for enhancements to or the creation of new infrastructure, business product offering or facilities that will result in a measurable improvement to the tourism offering and experiences leading to overnight stays in Thunder Bay.

Application intake is continual throughout the year. Applicants are encourage to apply 90-days out of their event or if a significant event requiring funding over $50,000, a 120-day window is expected.

 Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria to achieve the following results to grown tourism in Thunder Bay, where applicable:
  • Increase in tourism visitation, overnight stays and visitor spending
  • Generates economic impact from the project or event
  • Provide positive regional, provincial, national or international exposure
  • Enhancement of Thunder Bay’s tourism offering
  • Strengthens Thunder Bay’s position as a visitor destination
  • Support or creation of direct and/or indirect jobs

Applicants can apply for up to $50,000 in funding that can be approved through the newly established Tourism Investment Committee (TIC).

Projects/Events requesting higher levels of funding over $50,000 require approval from the Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Comission (CEDC). These projects or events are expected to generate a significant and measurable impact to tourism visitation to the City of Thunder Bay.

The CEDC MAT Fund is a discretionary program with a limited funding allocation. In some cases, a project or event that meets all program criteria may not be approved for funding as other projects may more effectively met the criteria.

 Application Process

Download the application form and save it to your computer before filling it out. Once completed you can save the application submit by email or in hard copy.

There will be continual intake of applications for the Fund. Preference will be given to events or projects that provide a 90-day window before the proposed start date.

 Submit to Tourism Thunder Bay
Applications are submitted to Tourism Thunder Bay where they will be checked for completeness of the information requested and to confirm the project or event has tourism value. Tourism staff can provide assistance to clarify and answer questions the applicant may have to complete gaps in the application.
 Tourism Investment Committee Approval
The competed application will then be given to the Tourism Investment Committee (TIC) for review and evaluation. The TIC can approve funding requests up to $50,000. The TIC is scheduled to meet on a monthly basis. The applicant may be requested to make a presentation to the Committee if it is a substantial request for money.
 CEDC Board of Directors Approval
If the amount requested is over $50,000, the TIC will refer the application with its recommendations to the Board of the Directors of the Thunder Bay CEDC for final approval. The CEDC board also meets on a monthly basis. The applicant will be required to make a presentation to the CEDC Board on the request for funding.
 Funding Agreement
Applications approved for funding by the CEDC Board or the TIC will require the applicant to enter into a service agreement with Thunder Bay CEDC. The applicant must be a legal entity and will be required to provide relevant documentation including banking and insurance information to complete the agreement.

The agreement will provide provisions on how monies will be paid out and the reporting requirements and potential payback of funds once the event is complete. In all cases, there will be a 10 to 25 per cent holdback of funds contingent on a final report. The amount of holdback will be negotiated at the time the agreement is struck.

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